Published: 24 January 2020

Vacancy for a part time Locum Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer serving Colnbrook with Poyle Parish Council.

Overview of Colnbrook with Poyle Parish Council  

Colnbrook Parish Council is a local authority consisting of 12 Parish Councillors, with a Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Parish, along with a Chair and Vice Chair of the Services Committee and the Finance & Policy Committee. We aim to engage closely with our residents building relationships whilst supporting them to resolve any concerns or problems they may encounter.

The Clerk is the main officer of the Parish Council and is responsible for our personnel, including a Finance Assistant.

The successful candidate will be required to work on Council related business including all correspondence and other agreed communication, along with keeping sensitive data in a manner that is GDPR compliant.

The Council meets on the first Tuesday of every month for Full Council, including a public session with residents and the police. Sometimes we need to invite guest speakers, and the venue is usually Colnbrook Village Hall, Vicarage Way, SL3 0RF, at 7.30 pm.

The Service Committee meets on the second Tuesday of every month, and the Finance & Policy Committee meets on the third Tuesday of every month, both at Colnbrook Village Hall at 7.30 pm, (subject to review).

Hours of work are on a part time basis consisting of 12 hours per week with flexibility and ADHOC basis as required. Rate of pay is dependent on experience between £12 - £15 Per Hour.

The position is both office and home based, with a commence date & times TBC. The candidate is expected to work from our Parish office located at Westfield Hall, Severn Crescent SL3 8UX, attend meetings and can work from home by arrangement.

The successful candidate will be provided with an internet capable mobile phone, laptop and printer. The listed devices are for the Parish Council use only within the allotted time and working hours. This will be their sole responsibility, which can be checked on demand.

It is preferable for the candidate to have their own transport or easy access to public transport.

NB: The proposed candidate will be self-employed, and will be required to submit an invoice on headed paper with supporting documentation every month.

 Brief Job description for the proposed Locum Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer are as noted:

As a Locum Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer to the council you will:

Advise the Council on, and assist in the formation of, overall policies to be followed in respect of the authority's activities and to produce all the information required for making effective decisions and to implement constructively all decisions.

You will be accountable to the council for the effective management of all its resources and will report to them as and when required.

Ensure that statutory and other provisions governing or affecting the running of the Council are observed.

Monitor and balance the Council's accounts and prepare records for audit purposes and VAT.

Ensure that the Council's obligations for Risk Assessment are properly met.

Prepare, in consultation with appropriate members, agendas for meetings of the Council and Committees. To attend such meetings and prepare minutes for approval other than where such duties have been delegated to another Officer.

Attend all meetings of the Council and all meetings of its committees and sub-committees other than where such duties have been delegated to another Officer.

Receive correspondence and documents on behalf of the Council and to deal with the correspondence or documents or bring such items to the attention of the Council. To issue correspondence as a result of instructions or the known policy of the Council.

Receive and report on invoices for goods and services to be paid for by the Council and to ensure such accounts are met. To issue invoices on behalf of the Council for goods and services and to ensure payment is received.

Study reports and other data on activities of the Council and on matters bearing on those activities. Where appropriate, to discuss such matters with administrators and specialists in particular fields and to produce reports for circulation and discussion by the Council.

Draw up either on his/her own initiative or as a result of suggestions by Councillors proposals for consideration by the Council and to advise on practicability and likely effects of specific courses of action.

Supervise any other members of staff as their line manager in keeping with the policies of the Council and to undertake all necessary activities in connection with the management of salaries, conditions of employment and work of other staff.

Monitor the implemented policies of the Council to ensure they are achieving the desired result and where appropriate suggest modifications.

Act as the representative of the Council as required.

Issue and display notices as well as agendas and minutes for the Parish Meeting.

To attend any meetings agreed by the Chairman and or Council.

Prepare, in consultation with the Chairman, press releases about the activities of, or decisions of, the Council.

Acquire the necessary professional knowledge / training required for the efficient management of the affairs of the Council.

What you will bring to the role:

Ability to deliver projects efficiently to budget.

Credibility to deal with the public and other local authorities or other organisations.

Team working skills.

Excellent organisational skills and the ability to prioritise.

A willingness to attend meetings or events to represent the Councils, should it be required.

Ability to provide minutes, agendas and reports and other written material using clear and concise language.  


Please submit an electronic RESUME/CV ASAP to the Chairman Cllr Anup Babuta, as noted below. NB: (Telephone contact or hand delivered resume/curriculum vitae will not be accepted on the above vacancy). Thanks for your advanced co- operation

Email:  or

Closing date is: Friday 31st of January at the close of Council’s working hours.

The proposed candidates will be notified by email with an arranged interview time/ location (TBC).

The unsuccessful candidates may not be contacted due to resources and time constraint.