Colnbrook Pump

Poyle Pump with inscription-on-the-pumpThe Water-Pump is approximately 75 Yards East of the Punchbowl Inn, Colnbrook with Poyle. It is a Grade II Structure Listed by English Heritage

Date Listed: 2 February 1982

English Heritage Building ID: 363204

Location: Bath Road, Colnbrook with Poyle, Slough SL3 0FB

In modern times a plaque has been fitted to this Grade II listed water pump on the Old Bath Road. It falsely claims ‘This pump was erected by order of ‘Beau’ Nash of Bath in 1754’. A new plaque fitted to the ground at its base sets the record straight. It reads: ‘The Poyle Pump. Erected in 1827 by the Colnbrook Turnpike Trust. Restored in 1992. Contractor: CDS Construction Ltd.’