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What do we do?

The Parish Council duties include:

Services - The Parish Council is the tier of local government closest to the people, as such one of its key roles is representing the Parish in formal consultations in many matters relating to both Government and other aspects of village life.
The Parish Council obtains its powers through a wide range of statutes which both allow and regulate its activities.
The main activities undertaken by the Colnbrook with Poyle Parish Council include:

Planning - The Parish Council is consulted by the planning authority on all developments affecting the village and responds to all applications.

Consultation - The Parish Council has the right to be consulted on many local and national government issues and provides a local perspective in responses to consultation requests.

Village Hall - The village Hall is an independent Trust with Parish Council representation.

Christmas Lights - The Parish Council provides lighting through the centre of the village during the Christmas season. They also provide trees, lights and decorations during the festive period.

Footpaths - The Parish Council makes random inspections of footpaths and reports any known issues to the District Council for rectification.

Village Maintenance - The Parish Council owns 6 notice boards, various seating, and litter bins together with the whole of Colnbrook Recreation Ground and its play equipment. It maintains these and a range of other assets around the Parish.

Churchyard Maintenance - Grants towards maintenance are made to the local Church Authorities on an annual basis.

Publicity - Activities are publicised via the Parish Council notice board, public notice board, a newsletter, this web site and in local newspapers.

Village Street Cleaning - The Parish Council will oversee cleaning that has not been addressed by the regular service provided by Slough Borough Council.

Slough Borough Council manage the collection of the bins and these are collected on a weekly basis.

Red Bins: - Please check if any waste can be recycled. You can use your red bin for all your paper, card, thin paper, cans, tins, plastic, glass bottles and jars. They have to be loose and not in bags.

Green Bin Scheme: - If you are a member of the Green Bin Scheme, please refer to your garden waste collection calendar which can be downloaded from the Slough Borough Council website

Please note that the garden waste collection service is suspended from the end of November until the beginning of March.

For more information regarding your weekly waste collection please visit the Slough Borough Council website 

Security - Security considerations including liaison with the local Constabulary and Police Authority is a regular activity of the Parish Council.

Highways and Street Lighting - The condition of highways and footways and the operation of street lighting is monitored and problems reported to the highway and street lighting authorities for action. An agreed plan of small maintenance work is regularly reviewed with the highway authority.

Outside Bodies - Appointed Representatives to Outside Bodies click here.

Who are we? - The Parish has Councillors elected by the residents every four years. 
For details about Slough Borough Council and our Ward Councillors.

When we meet - Details on the dates, times and venue of Council meetings.