Colnbrook Community Partnership  LogoThe aim of the partnership is - “to promote, for the benefit of the inhabitants of Colnbrook and the surrounding area the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and the natural environment for recreation or other leisure time occupations in the interests of social welfare and with the object of improving the condition of life for the said inhabitants”
The partnership is a registered charity: No. 1115166
The partnership is attended by representatives of SBC, Local Residents Groups, Groundwork Thames Valley, local businesses and the Parish Council.
Projects Underway and Proposed Projects are Outlined Below
Colnbrook Community Partnership green flagPippins Park Poyle - Receives the Prestigious Green Flag Award for Park Excellence for the Fourth Year in a Row
You will have noticed that considerable work has been undertaken in the Park since 2007. This has resulted in the Park being presented with a green flag for the second year in a row. This a truly remarkable feat for such a small park.
The Colnbrook Community Partnership has been active over the last few years planning and raising the money to carryout the works. This has brought the park up to a remarkable standard that can be sustained over the coming years to allow residents to enjoy many activities with their children, families and friends. The front cover shows the Green Flag being raised at the park. The award is for excellence in the the park and leisure facilities and marks the great strides that the park has made under the driving force of the Colnbrook Community Partnership.
The footpath lighting, together with the floodlighting for the multi-use games area was completed and was handed over to the Partnership on Friday 28th May 2010.
It is hoped to raise further monies to be spent on the final phases of the project and there is a proposal to turn the obsolete basket ball court into a football/tennis court with a solid net. Also it is intended to plant more shrubs and trees at the entrance and to the east and west sides of the park.
At the finish of the project it is expected that we will have raised and spent some £205,000.00 with the considerable help from Grundon, SBC, BAA and Groundwork Thames Valley.
Colnbrook Recreation Ground. - The CCP is extremely proud to announce that the Colnbrook Recreation Ground has been awarded the prestigious 'Green Flag' for excellent parks for the third year. This award follows on from the excellent work carried out at Pippins Park where that park has now received the award for the fourth year running and means that both the recreation grounds in Colnbrook with Poyle Parish have received the award. Given that Slough have only four flags it means that half of these are in Colnbrook after the immense amount of work that the CCP has put into the parks. This is the community working for the community.
The flag has now been raised in both parks .
Pippins Park - Pippins School has adopted a section of the park and have planted fruit trees and herbs.
The Partnership is sponsored this to the tune £ 1,000.00.
A Tale of Two Villages - This would be a joint venture between Iver Parish Council, Iver and District Country Side Association, Colnbrook with Poyle Parish Council and Colnbrook Community Partnership.
It would be intended to log the history of the two villages, together with their historic links and their progress to the present day and to plot the history and links of the two villages to the present day.
The intention is to engage the youth of the villages to talk to the elder villagers and to chronologically log the data to build up a complete picture of historical data gleamed from both the written word and people’s memories of life in the villages.
Funding has been applied for this year to enable the scheme to get off the ground.
Colnbrook Over Fifties Club - The new club has been formed and they are looking for new members. so if you are over fifty this maybe the club for you. They meet in the village hall at 1.30pm on Thursday afternoons so if you are at a loose end pop along and meet like minded people.
The Partnership has sponsored this project to the tune of £ 500.00
Crown Meadow - On the 6th January 2013 Glade Creation Conservation task was undertaken and proved to be a very successful afternoon. Lots of tree pruning was carried out and undergrowth removed which will allow light to get to the remaining plants and will allow them to thrive.
The event days have been very successful and there were some people who wanted to create friends of Crown Meadow group.
The rest of the works is ongoing and will be carried out over the coming months.
Green Spaces - The project will link up 7 green spaces around Colnbrook and Poyle through a discovery trail. Each site will have an interpretation board explaining what is special about the site, what can be found there and its wildlife.
The interpretation board will be positioned at a viewpoint from which visitors can take part in a photographic timeline to record the changing landscape of the village. With directions on where to stand, participants will photograph north, south, east and west from the viewpoint.
Photos can then be downloaded to the Colne Valley Regional Park to contribute to an on going photographic timeline of the landscape. The interpretation board will include historic images or photos of what the view looked like in years gone by, where available.
The 7 sites will be:
  • Crown Meadow
  • Colnbrook Recreation Ground
  • Mill Street
  • Albany Park
  • Pippins Park
  • Poyle Poplars
  • Arthur Jacob Nature Reserve.
Funding has been applied for to enable the scheme to get off the ground.
Green Spaces Groundwork Thames Valley - The Colnbrook Community Partnership have decided to fund the works on the Green Spaces via Groundwork Thames Valley for the next year to the tune of £ 5,000.00
Continuing the Community Green Space activity in Colnbrook would be beneficial because:
  • We can develop the current community involvement at Crown Meadow into a Friends group to help manage the site.
  • We can continue to involve Pippins School with Albany Park and look at improving the site further. (Wild flower meadow, environmental education sessions.
  • It would help Colnbrook to make the most of current funding opportunities available through involving local people, bringing partners on board and providing staff time to develop ideas and funding applications.
  • We can provide hands on delivery of small projects and help manage contracts for larger projects.
If the Colnbrook Community Partnership are able to consider providing funding to continue this work it would:
  • Ensure the work carried out so far could fulfill its potential
  • Provide valuable match funding for applications and increase chances of funding success
  • Get ideas and projects off the ground that the Colnbrook Community Partnership haven't got the capacity to move forward alone.
Westfield Hall Community Centre
The work in the hall has now been finalised and has resulted in a £ 20,000.00 refurbishment programme that was designed and project managed by the CCP. Another remarkable achievment by the team.
If you wish to hire the hall or to look around prior to hiring please contact Slough Borough Council Madhu Bedi on 01753 875762
Ray Angell
Hon. Secretary
Colnbrook Community Partnership.