SBC Parish Forum Update

Dear Residents and Followers of Colnbrook with Poyle Parish,

The Parish Council would like to give you an update on some of the outstanding issues that we have been challenging Slough Borough Council over in the last few months, which will continue into the New Year.

Councillor Scott Bryant and Councillor Puja Bedi attend on a quarterly basis, a Parish Forum hosted by Slough Borough Council, which is also attended by Britwell and Wexham Parish Council. These meetings are our opportunity to discuss with Slough Borough Council our issues, concerns and recommendations which we take from the voice of our residents. Other areas of discussion are Improved Communications between all parties, Planning Issues, Highways Issues, Environmental Issues and the Slough Borough Council Five Year Strategy.

A number of issues that we have bought to Slough Borough Council’s attention (and will continue to follow up) are;

Street Cleaning:- we have sent Slough Borough Council pictures of the state of our streets, the weeds growing around the islands, the amount of leaves on the paths, blocked drains and gulleys and the dirty state of our street furniture. Slough Borough Council have confirmed that they will be looking into arranging a time table for their street cleaning machine to attend Colnbrook. If the speed humps and/or cobbles cause any kind of issues with their mechanical street cleaner they will looking to other options which we will discuss further.



Double Yellow Lines: - we have expressed with Slough Borough Council why they didn’t contact the Parish Council in advance to bring to our residents the proposal of these yellow lines prior to any formal letters being sent out. We have worked with Ward Councillor Smith to gain the relevant information regarding the reason for these double yellow lines and to see if we can push back the deadline to the end of the second week of January. Slough Borough Council have informed the Parish Council that the options of the double yellow lines have been under discussion for at least eighteen months. The idea was to reduce the amount of vehicles parking inappropriately, reduce the amount of vehicles parking on street corners and hopefully improve the traffic flow through the village during rush hour. Slough Borough Council have confirmed that they are willing to push the date back to 5th January to give residents more time to review the plan and comment.

At the Parish Forum all three Parish Councils have requested that this date needs to be pushed back for at least another week. Councillor Mohammed Nazir, Cabinet Member for Corporate Finance & Housing, Chair of the Parish Forum has confirmed he will ask to see if it is possible to push the date back. We will keep you updated of the outcome as soon as we can.

The areas in Colnbrook that have been highlighted for the double yellow lines are (click on the street name to view the plan):

PD16-17-WR-162 High Street Colnbrook Layout

PD 16-17-WR-160 Rodney Way-Raymond Close-The Hawthorns Layout

PD 16-17-WR-120 Severn Crescent Layout

PD 16-17-WR-145 Colindale Road-Arkwright Road Layout

PD 16-17-WR-155 Horton Road Colnbrook Layout

PD 16-17-WR-172 Prescott Road Layout

As stated in their response if anyone has any comments or objections they must respond in writing to the authority.


Reference: The Borough of Slough (waiting restriction and resident parking places consolidation order 2017) (amendment no 4) (proposed order)

Address: Head of Transport, Slough Borough Council, St Martin's Place, 51 Bath Road, Slough, SL1 3UF

Environmental Issues: - we have continued to challenge Slough Borough Council regarding the continuous fly tipping in and around our village. We have raised a concern that this continuous issue makes our village look dirty and un-presentable as well as some of the common places where items are dumped - our brooks and car parks. Slough Borough Council have confirmed that they will be looking at this issue; they have informed the Parish Forum that they have some suggestive signage that they can place in hotspot areas with a number that residents can call to report fly tipping. Also, they have stated that they will be reviewing the current Fee of bulk collections (five items for £30.75) to encourage residents. They also reminded the Parish Forum that a free service is available for residents who are registered disabled or households where the sole occupants are pensioners (limited to two per year per household).

Communication: - All three Parish Councils have expressed that Slough Borough Council needs to improve their communication with the residents of Slough and use the Parish Councils to their benefits, by booking slots in Parish meetings to help with engaging their residents on projects and Slough’s vision. Slough Borough Council have said that communication is key and that they will take this suggestion on and use the Parish Councils to support communication and engagements. We have always invited various departments to our meetings, majority of the time they have refused, but we will never give up.