SBC have acknowledged the Parish Councils notification regarding the resignation of former Councillors Hood and Angell. Notice of Vacancies have been displayed in the Parish Noticeboards throughout the village in accordance with LGA 1972 Sec87(2). Details can also be found on the Parish Council website.

Upon request from the Parish Council, SBC have confirmed that they will be delaying the Notice of Election due to be issued in respect of the vacancy left by the death of Councillor Laxman (‘K’) for which the required 10 signatures have already been received. This is to allow residents to submit further signatures requesting an election for the two additional vacancies and mean that only one election should be required to be held. All electors for the first vacancy have already been informed of this process.

The deadline for submission is 11.59pm on 30th October and the latest date the election will take place is 7th December, however if ten submissions are received earlier than the deadline this date could be brought forward. If no requests are received within 14 working days (i.e. by 30th October) for each vacancy then the Parish Council must seek to fill the vacancy by co-option as soon as is practicable after the expiry of the notice.

The Parish Council will update all residents as soon as formal notifications from SBC have been received, to include confirmation of whether there will be individual or a combined poll.
If any residents do have any further questions, please feel free to contact the Parish Council through our website, Facebook page or by email to the clerk (details can be found on our website).