Poyle Road Scheme

HGV's and Large Vans are over running the Poyle Residential Area

Poyle Road Scheme

At the time of the last Parish Newsletter Slough Borough Council was consulting on the introduction of a bus gate with width restriction at the north end of Poyle Road. The aim of the scheme was to reduce HGV traffic travelling through predominately residential areas.

That consultation period was extended and then eventually completed. Many respondents including Heathrow Airport wrote in support of the scheme.

The freight industry was less enthusiastic and some companies objected.

The Problems

Clearly some operators may have been a little inconvenienced by a scheme which seeks to divert HGV’s and larger vans away from residential areas which they currently totally dominate to the detriment of local residents, school children on their way to school, pedestrians and cyclists whom feel totally intimidated.

Much of the street furniture in this area has been seriously damaged or completely destroyed by large vehicles. This creates significant safety issues with Street lights obliterated, a complete set of illuminated keep left islands destroyed and drain gullies sinking well below road level causing danger for cyclists and damage to car tyres.


Sunken Drain Gulley Causing Danger and Damage


 Keep Left Island Destroyed


Hideous, ugly, hefty, safety bollards seek to protect pedestrians and stand testament to vehicles hitting them on a regular basis. 


Why do we need hideous bollards like this in our residential area?

Because of HGV's!! 

Can you guess what this is?


 A Street Light destroyed!

Lorries waiting to get into local Freight Depots often decide to park  on residential roads, sometimes on the pavement.


Foreign drivers sometimes just stop and park up in order to take their breaks. Litter is often thrown from these vehicles.

It’s unfortunate that planners have allowed warehouse developments to spring up too close to residential properties. Now we need to do something about the negative impacts.

The answer……..Divert the vehicles and remove most of the problems.


It’s ridiculous that huge lorries like this are doing reversing manoeuvers without a banksman in Rodney Way and the Old Bath Rd causing mayhem for local car drivers and pedestrians

Following that public consultation in Autumn 2016, Slough Borough Council have been reviewing responses to the consultation as well as considering further options for the scheme. It has been decided by senior officers and the Lead Member for Transport & Highways that the scheme should go to a second consultation period where three options for the scheme will be presented.


The second consultation will take place between the 12 June – 7 July 2017.

On 12 June the website www.slough.gov.uk/poyleroad will be updated with further information on options, designs, and information on how to have your say in the next round of consultation.


 A regular occurrence.


An HGV parks on the wrong side of road on Old Bath Rd in the predominately residential area of Poyle. Another HGV passes on the wrong side of the road just before Rodney Way which leads to Pippins Primary School

 If you would like to see an appropriate solution please take part in the consultation. Look at the schemes and write to the council with your views.


Currently The Parish Council are working with Segro, DHL, SBC, Heathrow Airport and others to develop a Poyle Business Forum where ongoing dialogue with representatives of the local freight operators can be established and challenges discussed.


The following information has been supplied to the Parish Council from the Transport for Slough.