Chequers Bridge to Re-open by end of Jan

The experiment was put in place to test the capacity of alternative routes to Market Lane as railway proposals for the area are likely to close the bridge permanently in the future.

Monitoring has been taking place throughout Langley with journey time tracking, congestion levels and traffic light timings all taken into account.

Savio DeCruz, head of transport and highways, said: "Phase one of the experiment has given us some very useful data about the use of the road and how traffic moves around Langley, Iver, and Richings Park when that route is removed.

"We will now be entering phase two of the experiment where we will be able to see how traffic movements have changed with the closure and how having the road open is comparable to when it was closed."

When the bridge opens the monitoring will continue so the council can map any permanent differences in the way traffic moves and the routes drivers now take.

Councillor Fiza Matloob, commissioner for transport and highways, said: "This experiment was all about seeing what would happen if this road closes permanently in the future.

"We know the closure was deeply unpopular with residents and drivers, who, we hope will now be pleased there is a respite, even if it may only be temporary because of the planned railway projects.

"I would like to thank everyone for their patience, for giving their views so frankly and for all their ideas on how we can improve the infrastructure in Langley if the closure becomes permanent.

"We will be opening the road as soon as we can ensure it is safe for use."

Work is now underway to change the signage, clear the road and make sure it is safe to be used before opening, including any repairs needed to the road surface at the closure point.

Councillor Matloob added: "As the railway projects are still very much on the cards, we will continue to talk to HS2 and Network Rail about their future plans and work to get the best deal we can for the local area."