Presentation of Slough Local Plan to Parish 7 Feb

Now is the time to join the discussion about the issues that will shape our Local Plan (2016-2036). The Local Plan will be used to make decisions about planning applications and development projects in the future. So your views about how you want housing, jobs, the environment and other important issues to be shaped are important.
This consultation will end on Monday 27 February, so please make sure any responses are with us by then. You can find more information at
What big issues does the plan have to deal with?
Building new homes
In twenty years Slough’s population is expected to have grown by more than 15%, and we will need around 20,000 new homes to accommodate our residents. Slough is already built up, so where should we build the new housing? How should we cater for the differing needs of people at different stages of their lives? How can we work to make housing more affordable?
These are the key questions that we in Slough need to think about. We have made some suggestions to meet the challenge:
? Redeveloping existing suburbs
? Releasing Green Belt land
? Changing land currently used for employment to housing
? Persuading our neighbours to allow house building outside the boundaries of Slough
If we cannot meet our housing need we risk increased homelessness and more crowded households.
The economy and town centre
We want to keep Slough as an economic powerhouse and revitalise the town centre. Slough has a diverse economy that has both local and national significance. Lots of skilled workers commute into Slough to work and studies have estimated that at least 15,000 jobs could be created in the next 20 years.
We need to ensure we have the right business sites, good transport and good communications in place for this to happen. We also know the government is in favour of building a third runway at Heathrow, which will involve big changes in Colnbrook and Poyle.
? How can we help more Slough residents take advantage of higher paid and higher skill jobs?
? How can we ensure Slough gets its fair share of benefits from the expansion planned at Heathrow?
? How do we protect the town centre’s role in the face of changing shopping patterns?
Getting around Slough
Slough is in an excellent location and we want it to be one of the best connected places. But its transport network is under pressure, especially from congestion.
Many Slough residents travel short distances by car and new developments like Crossrail and Heathrow could put even more strain on our local road networks.
? How can we encourage people to take alternative modes of transport like public transport, cycling and walking?
? Is it reasonable to consider restricting some sorts of vehicle traffic through the town?
Good design and environmental standards
We need to ensure new developments are well designed and enhance Slough’s reputation.
There are parks, open spaces and greenery in Slough. How can we balance the need for more housing with protecting our green space?
The potential expansion at Heathrow and population growth could lead to more pollution. How do we protect against air, noise and soil pollution?
Local government has an obligation to help tackle climate change. How can we encourage the development of low carbon technology and ‘green’ infrastructure, and adapt to risks of flooding?

Find out more
To help understand the consultation we have produced a short magazine that summarises the challenges Slough faces and the options for addressing them, including proposals for development in some areas like Langley and the town centre.
A copy is available online, with paper copies at the Curve, Landmark Place and some community centres.

Or click HERE