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 If you need to contact the Parish Council Locum Clerk Steven Gillingwater, he can be contacted by email at clerk@colnbrookwithpoyle-pc.gov.uk or by calling 07895 468346.

The Office phone number 01753 586572 is for Invoice payments only and is manned Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 9:30 until 12:30.  If you can't get through straight away leave a message and someone will get back to you,
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Postal Ballot on the Future of Colnbrook with Poyle Parish Council

From Monday, 22nd October 2018, all local government voters in the parish of Colnbrook with Poyle will have begun receiving a postal ballot paper asking: Yes or No, “Do you consider that Colnbrook with Poyle Parish Council is providing effective services and engages effectively with local people?” Most voters would probably want to answer that question: “Could do better” – that’s what motivates most Parish Councillors – but that is not a permitted answer. The more people who answer “No” to the question, the more severe the consequences will be for the Parish Council.

As the booklet accompanying the postal ballot says, Slough Borough Council’s “community governance review” could result in a parish council being “abolished”; SBC have already set the precedent elsewhere of cutting down a parish council in area. The fate of Colnbrook with Poyle Parish Council will be determined by SBC at a Full Council Meeting on 27th November 2018, based on this “advisory poll”.

Colnbrook with Poyle Parish Council was formed in 1995 because local people asked for it, fed up with the democratic deficit resulting from this area being split between three local authorities and three Members of Parliament. Now, Brands Hill, Colnbrook Village and Poyle are all under one local authority – Slough – and one parliamentary constituency – Windsor! Progress? On the issue of Airport Expansion, Slough is for the Third Runway (partly in Colnbrook), and Windsor is opposed (advocating a “Better Not Bigger Heathrow”). Likewise, when all our Parish came under Berkshire, our tiny area at the eastern boundary of the county, had been lined up to take more landfill waste than the rest of Berkshire put together – that’s no longer the case with the closure of Biffa on Sutton Lane, Tanhouse Farm Landfill north of the By-Pass and Longford II in Poyle, but there are new Berkshire waste plans that could bring back here multiple landfill waste sites.

That “democratic deficit” reason for the formation of the Parish Council still applies as much today as it did then. Our area is under tremendous development pressures, including from traffic congestion and air pollution. Other bodies tend to take a wider view on these issues; when the Parish Council objects it is to raise local concerns and to get the local impact of these developments addressed either by getting improvements and restrictions locally or by getting compensation for local residents. Experience has taught us, if we don’t object for ourselves we don’t get these things. None of these things are what SBC’s ballot question refers to as “services”.

Most services provided to the public in our Parish are not provided by the Parish Council. The Parish Council is only responsible for one piece of land, and that is the Colnbrook Recreation Ground opposite Crown Meadow – for the past seven years it has been awarded Green Flag status; there is no park in Slough Borough that can better that performance. Our park is well used, well equipped and well maintained, plus it is well supported by user group/community representatives – these are all required to get green flag status. The Parish Council has also given grants towards play equipment and improving facilities at Pippins Park, Westfield Hall and the Village Hall.

The Parish Council particularly want to help local children grow into good citizens, so we give awards that reward good behaviour and studiousness at our two local schools, to help our young people grow into become adults. Also, the Parish Council has given grants to support many community groups with the good work they do, and the events they organise; and our involvement in many projects has brought in charitable funding that a Borough Council cannot access.

The Parish Council bought the character lamp posts and the chiming Clock for Colnbrook conservation area; it pays for our Christmas Trees and Christmas Lights every year; it pays for and maintains the planters on many lamp-posts and some bus stops through the Parish. It has paid for the restoration of Colnbrook’s 1830s horse-drawn and now fully-working fire tender, as well as the upkeep of a number of historic artefacts. Legally, it has to pay towards the upkeep of Colnbrook’s only operating grave yard.

The Parish Council’s biggest single expenditure has been on paying for an extra Police Community Support Officer at £30,000 annually, just to serve in the Parish supplementing whatever other PCSO activity is organised by TVP in the wider area. When this initiative started it produced a significant reduction in crime locally, but since our locally-funded PSCO relocated Thames Valley Police haven’t been in a position to offer us a replacement where they haven’t been up to full strength themselves. We have been through a period where they had a recruitment freeze; it is possible they can resume this service for us in the New Year.

In the meantime, the Parish Council are carrying forward large financial surpluses and have earmarked monies for efforts to bring back a doctors surgery to Colnbrook, and to establish a Parish Council office and local museum, as well as improvements to the Colnbrook Recreation Ground. In the last five years there has been only one increase in the Parish precept that residents pay, in 2016, when it went up by an average of £2 per annum per household.

Being a Parish Councillor is an entirely voluntary commitment – we don’t get paid to do the job; we do what we do because we just want to make this a better place in which to live. Please respond “Yes” to Slough Borough Council’s postal ballot question.

 Road signage clean up programme by SBC


Highways works have started and have a two week program to complete all the civil works. Currently some bollards and kerbing have been reinstated and the contractors are working down the list provided by the Parish Council.


  Warning to all Residents!

The Parish Council and Thames Valley Police would like to make residents aware that recently a large number of vehicles across Slough, including in Colnbrook, have been stolen. The Parish Council and Thames Valley Police are asking residents to be vigilant and if you have any information to please contact Thames Valley Police.









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Monday, 26 February 2018

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